Domain Name Status Reporter  v.2.0

Quick and easy Domain Name Portfolio Management Software. Domain Name Status Reporter is a freeware tool from Softnik Technologies that will allow you to monitor the domain name status of global top level domains.

GARO Status Monitor  v.24.20

GARO Status Monitor is a software utility that monitors the status of the printer and manages print jobs.


Memory Status ActiveX Control  v.2 2

Memory Status ActiveX Control lets you immediately find out the status of memory on your target PC.

Memory Status  v.1.0

Memory Status displays your system's memory status with a real-time graph of free physical RAM, and the percentage of CPU usage.

Status Bar Javascript Magic  v.

Status Bar Javascript Magic (SBJM) is a software specially designed for the web developer that wants to animate the Status bar of their web pages, in the easiest possible manner, without the need to write or edit a single line of code!

ConfigMgr Status Indicator x86  v.1.0

ConfigMgr Status Indicator provides users with information about the activities of the underlying Microsoft Configuration Manager Client.

MSGTAG Status  v.

MSGTAG Status is a powerful and secure method of managing your read notifications. MSGTAG Status creates an individual tag for every recipient of your email in messages that are addressed to multiple recipients.

3rd Status Viewer  v.1 2

3rd Status is a Region/Parcel Status Monitor for sim, shop, business owners of Second Life. This enables you to monitor important data from your multiple regions, parcels at a look via the 3rd Status Viewer.

Fix Data Suspect Status  v.4 9

How to Fix Data Suspect Status and how to recover corrupt SQL database that trouble is very big problem for Corrupted SQL Server users when their SQL Database has got corrupted and search a high performing tool which Fix SQL error within very little

Server Status Monitor  v.V1.2

Monitor your servers and give notifications when your server is down or slow responsing.

Computer Status Gadget  v.1.1

Computer Status Gadget is a sidebar gadget, let you to see the status of your Computer/Notebook in the Sidebar and on a SideShow device. View CPU, RAM, WiFi, Battery and Recycle Bin status.

ICQ Status Checker  v.1.7

Detecting an opponent's status. The ICQ Status Checker shows you the status of every user, no matter if he is online, not available, invisible or offline. Temporarily there is no protection against ICQ Status Checker,

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